Centre d’Observació de l’Univers


The Universe Observation Centre (COU) is a huge edutainment centre that’s aiming at becoming the popular astronomy and geology learning centre in Catalonia. Located in Àger, COU is a link between the general public and the scientific knowledge. It introduces visitors to the world of science and the environment around Montsec
The COU features three main facilities:

  • Main building
    Houses the permanent exhibition, workshop classrooms, I.T. classrooms and other departments.
  • The Montsec Eye
    It is both a digital planetarium with multimedia capabilities and a live sky observation platform. Its 12 metre diameter dome and front wall open fully to provide the seated audience with a breathtaking view of Montsec’s spectacular night sky.
  • Telescope Park
    This area is dedicated to sky observation, both at night and day. The park features two buildings with observation domes housing two automatic telescopes, a cælostat for observing the sun and a set of portable telescopes.

Contact details

Parc Astronòmic Montsec
Camí del Coll d’Ares, s/n
25691 Àger

Tél.: +34 973 455 246 | +34 973 455 096

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