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A Ciel Ouvert

A Ciel Ouvert is an association specialising in organising stays, training courses and discovery classes on the theme of Universe exploration, particularly astronomy, but also geology and palaeontology.
It invites young and old, the curious and enthusiasts to discover the mysteries of the sky: adults through discovery or advanced courses and evening observation sessions, children through learning sessions, holiday camps and school-goers through discovery classes and learning events.
Most courses and stays are held at the Ferme des Etoiles, Hameau des Etoiles and Pic du Midi, all three of which boast clear skies free of any pollution.
A wide range of teaching material and observation instruments is available on-site. A Ciel Ouvert has also selected excellent sites to host other activities.
The association has received the “Science Culture Cluster” branding from the Midi-Pyrénées region.
A Ciel Ouvert has been organising the Fleurance Astronomy Festival for the past 21 years, which draws over 10,000 visitors every year and plays an important role in local tourism.

A Ciel Ouvert offers high-quality services based on :

  • Guidance by professional instructors
    A Ciel Ouvert instructors and monitors are true professionals who generally hold degrees in Astronomy and Astrophysics. Highly enthusiastic, they work the year round with a wide range of audience categories. Their extensive experience allows them to constantly upgrade course content and adapt it to each participant’s level and expectations.
  • Quality facilities to observe the sky and have an enjoyable time
    For the past 20 years, A Ciel Ouvert and the Monde de la Ferme des Etoiles have been acquiring experience unique in France that has achieved the “Night Station” label awarded by the French Astronomy Association and the “Key Culture Cluster” label awarded by the Midi-Pyrénées region.
  • Sites for great stays
    Ferme des Etoiles, Hameau des Etoiles, Pic du Midi and in all our partner sites, our accommodation facilities have been carefully selected for the quality of the observation conditions, their advantages for astronomy and sheer charm.
    Special care has been taken to provide comfortable lodgings and healthy, high quality food.
  • A wide range of carefully designed activities
    Whatever your age or level, whether alone, with friends or family, you’ll always find the right formula for your tastes.
    The packages offered by A Ciel Ouvert are themed, thereby allowing beginners to discover the sky and space, amateurs to go deeper into areas such as spectroscopy or digital astrophotography, and families to mix astronomy and gastronomy, or astronomy and nature.
  • A comprehensive, powerful equipment set
    A Ciel Ouvert owns an impressive set of learning material: globes, sky domes, optical kits, transparent telescopes, Baader planetarium, Celescope, Georazmas, planetarium, books, CDs…
    A Ciel Ouvert also owns many observation instruments at all its sites. Ferme des Etoiles owns one of the biggest telescopes in France (T 620mm), and the biggest pair of binoculars in the world.

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