Poctefa and its objectives

POCTEFA, an European programme serving the Pyrenean territory.
POCTEFA is an acronym for Programme Opérationnel de Coopération Territoriale Espagne-France Andorre 2007-2013. This programme constitutes the fourth generation of community backing aimed at strengthening economic and social integration within the Spain-France-Andorra frontier area. The FEDER budget amounts to 168 million euros. Its backing is focused on the development of transfrontier economic, social and environmental activities using joint strategies promoting sustainable territorial development. Likewise, the programme must promote perception of the transfrontier area by citizens as a unique area, thus diminishing the frontier effect.

Areas of cooperation

Three priority areas were defined on the basis of their specific contribution to attaining the objectives set by the European Commission.

  • Reinforcing transfrontier integration by promoting complementarity in the fields of economic activity, innovation and human capital.
    • Economic development.
    • Vocational training.
    • R&D.
  • Promoting territories, natural and cultural heritage in a sustainable way, protecting and managing environmental resources.
    • Protecting and promoting natural heritage. Risk prevention, energy.
    • Sustainable tourism.
    • Promoting local produce.
  • Improving quality of life for populations through joint territorial structuring and sustainable development programmes.
    • Accessibility: transport and information and communication technologies.
    • Territorial structuring: culture, healthcare, education, social integration, equality of opportunity.

A few figures

The FEDER backing allocated to the operational Programme amounts to 168,641,485 euros. The maximum FEDER co-funding rate is 65% of the eligible total public cost. 95 projects are currently being funded across the entire Pyrenean territory.